Electronetics is a Custom Manufacturer of Transformers, Converters, Inductors,
and Innovative Magnetic Solutions

CapabilitiesElectromagnetic Engineering
Design & Prototyping Services
Custom Avionics, Aerospace, &
Medical Power Transformers
Custom High Frequency
Custom Ferro Constant
Voltage Transformers
Custom SMT/SMD
Transformers & Inductors
Custom Low-Profile Planar
Transformers & Inductors
Assembly Services


     "Electronetics has supported our company on numerous occasions when we needed expedited orders at the last minute for a project that was urgently important. The team at Electronetics responded with expertise, swiftness and hard work. They have been fundamental to the success of this project."

Mitchell Lazore, R&D Engineer

ULOur USA manufactured
transformers and inductors
meet UL insulation class,
130(B); 180(H); 200(N)
or 220(R)
Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget SoundElectronetics is a Nothwest Center CompanyCompany

Since 1983, Electronetics has specialized in providing custom magnetics solutions for a wide variety of medical, aerospace, audio and industrial applications. We are ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified.

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If you think a custom solution comes standard with sticker shock, consider this: Electronetics' solutions are usually more affordable than off-the-shelf alternatives.

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